Friday, April 16, 2010


I have seen these all over blog world and on Studio 5. I knew these would be perfect for our cruise. Won't they be fun to wear to dinner. I hope the other girls enjoy them.

cruise wear

We leave for our cruise on Sunday! 2 of our friends our coming along. I decided to make the girls a little something. I made us each a tropical hat.

Soda bottle flowers

I saw this idea on tatertotsandjello. Decided I would try and make some. I am going to make more of them. My plan is to wire them to a garland for my front door.


The orange flower is my fave!

Back in business

Finally got the pictures off my camera. Here is what we made for April Fools. I also made easter out fits for all the cousin's, who stayed in town.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Camera Drama

My camera is currently having issues. I have made several projects over the past few weeks. I am unable to upload the pictures from my camera. I hope we can get it figured out. Then I will post some of my new projects.