Saturday, February 09, 2013

teacher valentines

I made the sucker cans and then added, candy skewers to them.  Hope our teachers like them.

pantry door decor

I found this metal flower at the D.I.  I think it is suppose to go on a jar.  I sprayed it yellow (it was gold), added a little bling in the center.  Then I covered a piece of wood, with fabric.  Then glued them together.

Pintrest board and frame for kitchen

Made this for my kitchen.  Using the board and frame technique I showed in an earlier post.

Valentine chip board ear rings and rings

These were so simple and came together in minutes.  Supplies needed:  Chip board circles. Circle punch and paper of your choice.  heart punch and glitter paper.  Glossy accents!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

No soliciting

I have done it again.  Made another No soliciting sign.  The weather took out my last 2 signs.  I hope this one, will last!

Candy cane heart sucker cans

These have been all over pinterest.  A fun little treat for teachers and friends

pool noodle heart

 I cut about 1/3 off a pool noodle.  I then cut it in half lengthwise.  I angled the ends, then hot glued them together.
 I gathered my supplies.  The make it christmas bag, Is a really chunky glitter.
 mod podge and glitter!!!