Friday, May 20, 2011

Clean Kit

I made this for a birthday kit. For the glammed up house wife!

Large Acid mirror

I found this mirror at a yard sale for $5. What a deal!!!

b-day bra

Saw this on pioneer party

owl card

saw this on simply kelly


corner shelf

My sis bought this at a yard sale for $3. She decided she couldn't use it. Here is my transformation. I have been working on it for months!!!! It's been painted and re-painted about 6 times! I give up!!! this will have to do. I hung it in Hailey's room. It's part of her room re-do!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hailey's room make-over stage one

I still am working on bedding, window treatments, shelf, another lamp,small table, ect.....ect....ect... not sure what the final result will be. This is what I have finished.

Acid Mirrior's

Saw these on studio 5, then fell in love with vintage revivals blog. Loved these mirror's she did. I started looking for mirrors at yard sales. Perfect for Hay's room make-over.

Good-bye gold

Found this little beauty at a yard sale for $1!!!! I new it would be perfect for Haileys room redo!

Bow Holder

Made this to hang in Hailey's room. Found the frame at a yard sale for 25cents.

Give said

I think I saw this on pepermint plum??? I made it for a mother's day gift.

bill organizer

I saw this idea on noodlehead. My desk in the laundry is the catch all!!! I made this to help with some of the clutter.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

work in progess

I know I have been lacking on post's. I have started a million projects. As soon they are finished,and this mess is cleaned up. They will be on here!

pillow case dress/outfit

I know these have been around for ages. I just made my first one!!! I made it for my niece, she is so tall. I had to dress up a pair of leggins. It's more of a pillow case shirt.