Friday, October 12, 2012

TP treat bag & Spider web mugs

This is really, what I should be doing!  cleaning this mess, that has leaked out into the hallway!
I came in with the intentions to clean.  But, then my craft mode kicked in.  Here is what I made.

 Treat pouch from a TP roll
  book mark to a necklace
Spider Web mug.  The tags reads. So glad, I'm in your web of friends.

I guess it's really time to clean up now!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween jewels

Another pinterest project.   I love this creep,vintage doll eye necklace:)  So fun for Halloween!

 Fun little spider ring.  made from wire, and 2 gems glued together.

Owl party

My little miss is turning 4.  We just had this owl party.  With preschool kids, friends, and cousin's.  12 kids 4 and under.  I must be crazy...   

 The Invite
(after it got destroyed )
 The goods
 Pin the feather's on the Owl
 Treat bags
 Owl pillow party favors
 The girl owls's
The boy owls's

Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Halloween porch!

umbrella with legs

This is my latest weekend project!  Saw these on pinterest last year.

Halloween home tour

Halloween count down

I am so lucky to have good friends.  My friend Avry is amazing with wood projects.  She always cuts out, an extra project for me:)!  We both loved this sign.  She took care of the wood cutting.  I made the paint templates!

New Halloween decor

I love Halloween!  I make new decor every year.  Here are my new additions this year.

witch hat from an old record

I used the record and the cardboard case.  I purchased the party hat, from the dollar store.  I used it as a template.  I traced the template on the case.  Then hot glued them into cones.  Spray painted the cone black.  Glued them on the records.  Then decorate as you wish!

yellow gravy boat

 My new favorite, garage sale find!   Isn't she cute!  only $1.25

spoon clock

I have be seeing these all over pinterest.  Finally made my own.  Still need to find a place to hang it:)