Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drama Mama

My front room is now complete. I just finished adding a panel to my curtains. I wanted them floor to ceiling. Very dramatic! Don't you think?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Strange Bird

My grandma, has had this picture hanging in her home. I have always loved it!!! I knew it was the missing part to complete my front room makeover. I knew how special, this picture was to my grandma. It belonged to my great grandma, a friend had drawn it for her. It hung in their home, while my grandmother was growing up. My husband suprised me! he asked my grandma, if he could take a picture and make a print for me. I know the picture is a little risk-a. I love it, and It proudly hangs in my front room. It was the missing link. It has brought the whole room together.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Front room re-do almost done!!!

As you can see it is coming together. I just aquired another chair today! That I will redo.

pillows pillows pillows

Every couch and chair needs a few pillows:)

The frame

I found this at the DI $6. Which is way more than, I would normally pay. I am cheap!!! It was to awsome to pass up. A little paint and she is beautiful. I am someday soon, I hope! Going to put a print or family picture in it, and hang it up!

60"s clock redo

I guess you can say. I am a horder of sorts. I always see awsome stuff at garage sale's. That I cannot pass up. I found this last summer for .25. I had no clue what to do with it. It has been sitting in my garage. Look at it now!

Foot Stool re-cover

Found this at DI for $2. I new it was a must have! Looks awsome in my front room!

Cutest thing ever

My cute new friend Amy, decorates the heck out of gas station cups. Aren't these cute? I gave it a try. I thought they would make, fun girlfriend gifts!