Monday, July 02, 2012

$5 Kitchen makeover

I have been wanting to, lighten up my kitchen for awhile.  I saw a post on my sister's suite case.  She punched paper dots, and stuck them above her fire place.  I knew I couldn't use paper.  Who wants icky gross paper, stuck in the kitchen.  I found the contact paper at walmart for $5. I Knew it would work.  Next, I cut about 500+ circles on my cricut.  I figured it took about 3hrs, total to put up all the dots.  I decided to spray the electrical covers teal blue.  It was to much with everything white.  My kitchen is so fun now,  No more dark boring blah!!!  I really wanted a custom back splash and Granite.  Maybe in the next few years.  I do love the $5 transformation.  The best part is, at anytime I can pull the dots off.  

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