Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm back "Happy Valentines Home"

 I love garlands!  This year, I made the Hearts and black board garland.  It is in my front room.
 I also made a garland, from a deck of cards.  I used all the hearts cards, and the back side of the cards.  I also cut tons!!!  of different hearts on the circut.  I sewed them together, for more garlands.
 My Friend Avry and I.  have been picking a large project for each holiday.  We just finished, this 6ft valentine subway art board.  It looks great in my entry!
 Sweet Miss Avry, made me this heart wreath!

Here is what my mantel looks like this year.  I made the xo and heart, coffee filter, and fabric tied garlands all this year also.  I am in love with garlands.

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