Thursday, October 03, 2013

Retro TV floor cabinet turned into shelf/ entry table

For starters this thing was a beast!  I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back.  I liked the one I saw.  I thought where would I ever find an old TV cabinet?  About 2 weeks later one fell into my lap.  My dad was cleaning out his rental house.  Guess what was left behind!  At first I said NO!  Then 2 days later, I called him.  He still had it.  He brought it on over.  I thought my husband was going to kill me.  He actually thought it was a cool idea.  Which was good! Because this took a lot of man hours and tons of his help.

First he pulled apart the TV and insides.

 Then I puttied and sanded and sanded. We chopped about 7 inches off the back. My husband built a shelf and attached it in the middle.
 About 8 coats of paint later.  It looked like this.
 At this point. I decided I was going for more of a vintage look.  So, I distressed the whole thing.
 Here is the before
 This is how it turned out!  I love it.  
But, it was a ton of work!
Total cost was $20 in paint
you can't beat that

5 projects down!  Pretty sure I won't make my goal:(  I am feeling very accomplished and motivated!
Hoping to recover another chair this weekend.

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