Friday, March 28, 2014

3 tone spring sign "How to Paint"

How to paint your own 3 tone Spring Sign.
I saw this cute spring sign on  It's Say's she offers classes.  I looked all over her web page.  I couldn't find any info on classes or pricing.  So, I decided to make my own.  My version, I'm sure is a lot larger.
I cut my board 24in X 24in.  Then I painted the entire board white.
 Next I used my silhouette cameo and cut a double scalloped circle.  I had to cut in fourths and tape together due to the size of my board.
 Tape you scallop circle on your board.  I made the template out of paper.  Something this large would be harder to put together with vinyl. (I have tried with paper and vinyl before)
 Paint your outer layer first.  

 Next I cut the phrase using vinyl (I used Edmund's font).  Center the phrase and place in the middle of your circle, using transfer tape.
 Paint your inside layer over the vinyl

 Remove paper and vinyl templates. I did touch up a few spots with a fine tip paint brush
Welcome Spring!

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