Friday, February 11, 2011

brow wax gone wrong

Have you ever had a botch brow wax? This was a first for me. They looked a little red, but they always do. It wasn't until, I was driving home. I realized my eye lids were raw. If you like walking around, with scabs on your eye lids. Let me give you the name of my stylist!!! This picture doesn't do it justice. My mom, said she thought I was doing weird eye makeup!


Dazie said...

Poor you!!! I can highly recommend threading it looks far better than a waxed eye lid and doesn't hurt at all you also wont have any poorlyness after.

Hope it heals soon

Erica said...

That is SO sad!!!

Dani said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilariously bad. Hope it gets better soon!!

Mel said...

That sucks!! My sis in law Mary waxes mine. It's the best thing ever!! Maybe she can do yours. I haven't plucked in such a long time. so sorry!!