Monday, February 21, 2011

Luck banner and Garland

This banner was so easy!!! all of 5min to glitter some LUCK on. I saw the idea for the shamrock garland on Studio5. They used hearts for valentines, This works also. I am still working on my poarch, It's coming together slowly.


Avry and Justin said...

Wow girl.. you are like the energizer bunny when it comes to crafting! I wish I only had more time. I browsed through your previous blogs and there are so many things I want you to show me how to do!! :) I am stuck in a wood rut. Half of my crafts consist of wood and painting. Anyways when is craft night?? I am so coming! :)

Avry and Justin said...

oh by the way did you just sew a single stitch through your cut outs of shamrock? Is that scrapbook paper or fabric. I thought it looked like scrapbook paper. too cute!